Why and How to Book Ads in Dainik Jagran?

Dainik Jagran Advertisement will reach a huge number of people as it is one of the highest read newspapers in India. Here’s why Dainik Jagran is a trusted newspaper of the country. Founded in Jhansi in 1942, Dainik Jagran was a witness to the ‘Quit India Movement’ and helped spread the word in those days. As India’s paper with the largest circulation and therefore also readership, booking a Dainik Jagran advertisement ensures that your ad gets seen.

Process to Book Ads in Dainik Jagran

  1. To book Dainik Jagran advertisement you need to Goto Bookadsnow
  2. then select the Dainik Jagran Newspaper
  3. Choose your preferred location
  4. Submit your advertisement details

Bookadsnow's media experts will help you in releasing ads in Dainik Jagran at lowest rate. Bookadsnow the leading Newspaper advertisement agency in India with 30+ years of experience in this industry.

In order to establish new connections, it is crucial to promote products and services to the right audience at the right time. Marketing is a key activity that every business must partake in, for promoting their goods and services. Being an important piece of the Marketing puzzle, newspaper advertising is a highly coveted campaign strategy. To build early loyalty and to embark upon brand journeys of lifelong relevance, promotions via newspaper classified ads is an ideal step to start with.

Advertise in Top Newspaper of Kolkata

 The City of Joy- known for its versatility and culture, provides an inevitable scope for Advertising agencies for brand elevation. Thus the market for the Newspaper Advertising Agency of Kolkata is forever expanding. The city of Kolkata exhibits a variety of newspapers in different languages like Sanmarg, TOI, Anandabazar Patrika, thus endowing a huge opportunity to newspaper advertisers to be creative with the language, content and approach. Bookadsnow, a leading newspaper advertising agency for over 3 decades, does exactly this making you feel the worth of your investment.

Advertise in Top Newspaper of Kolkata with Bookadsnow

Bookadsnow is one of the very few newspaper advertising agencies to have been accredited by Indian Newspaper Society (INS) and the ones who prevent you from the fix-rate scam. As different folks have different strokes, the media experts at Bookadsnow comprehends your requirement and goals for advertisement and schemes out the best media strategies and justified rates for the same.

Booking newspaper ads is as easy as shelling peas, and with Bookadsnow, you can complete the process online too:

  • Select the date, location, size, and ad type of the advertisement (Types: Classified Text Ad, Classified Display Ad)
  • Share your Content for the ad, along with your contact details and queries.
  • The media experts will get in touch to understand the prerequisites and guide you through the ideal media plan and quote rates accordingly.
  • On the payment gateway page, select your preferred mode of payment. The online gateways are secured and convenient, but there is also an option for offline payment.

After you have successfully booked your Anandabazar Patrika advertisement via Bookadsnow, you will receive an invoice with your advertisement booking and payment completion details. The advertisements go through editorial approval procedures by different media houses, before being published.

Due to a long standing relationship with industry pioneers, booking newspaper ads for prime spots in leading newspapers is convenient for Bookadsnow. It is, in fact, a trusted partner of various publishing houses like TOI, Anandabazar Patrika, Telegraph, and so on for all newspaper ads. One of the leading newspaper advertisement agency in India, it ensures focused and higher audience reach, accompanied by competitive market rates and transparent dealings. This makes Bookadsnow a newspaper ad agency to reckon with!

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Book Times of India Obituary ads online easily and instantly

Times of India is not just a regular newspaper but much more than that. Founded in the year 1838, this newspaper has not ceased ruling the world of media industry since then. If you turn the pages of TOI, your brain will thank you for adding a daily dose of knowledge catering politics, global news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, economic status, local news, etc. Not to forget, it has a plethora of rivals in the market, but with a record of 7.59 million readers all across the nation, TOI emerges as the most top-notch newspaper in the country.

With such humungous reader base, booking newspaper advertisement in Times of India is always on demand. It is quite a challenge to get the premium spot in this newspaper as every brand and individuals are on the lookout for the best placement in Times of India.

There are a gamut of newspaper advertisements that one can publish in Times of India. Such advertisements include matrimonial ad, recruitment ad, property Ad, obituary ads, display ads, education ads, etc.

Booking Obituary Ad in Times of India

With an extensive reach across the nation, TOI lays a strong base for booking obituary ads so that the news or the death of a close one reaches your near ones in a short span of time. Obituary ad is typically that type of ad which reports the recent death of a person backed up by information about that person along with an upcoming funeral date. Such ads are generally released with the death of some significant personality or when an individual finds it difficult to reach his/her close ones to deliver the news. 

Book instant Obituary Ads in TOI through Bookadsnow

Booking Times of India advertisement under obituary category has become super simple with Bookadsnow. All you need to do is follow few simple steps to start with the process of booking obituary ads.

Step 1: Choose your preferred location or locations.

Step2: Compose the type of announcement you want to publish. However, if you are new to booking ads, do not even think of worrying. Bookadsnow has a plethora of readymade templates which you can choose to complete the composition of your announcement in the wink of an eye.

Step 3: Select one or more dates to publish your obituary ad.

Once you are done with these three fundamental steps, you'll be automatically redirected to Bookadsnow secure online payment section where you'll complete your payment and thereby the whole process within few minutes.

Apart from that, you can also book Times of India online advertisements with Bookadsnow.

Why is Bookadsnow the best option for Times of India Advertisement?

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal with 30+ years of presence in the market. Here are the reasons why you should consider Bookadsnow for booking Times of India advertisements.

  • Strong relation with every Media Houses: Bookadsnow has a long-term, strong and trusted relationship with TOI, which is not found with other media planning organizations.
  • In-house Media Planning Team: Bookadsnow has a sharp and proficient in-house media planning team who will guide you in the journey of booking and publishing obituary ads.
  • Media Buying Strength: Bookadsnow makes great long-term deals in bulk with TOI at a much lesser price to fulfil the demands of the brands and individuals.
  • INS Accreditation: Bookadsnow is recognized by Indian Newspaper Society or INS which adds to the value of the brand name.
  • Flexible Payment Option: With Bookadsnow, you can make payment using via Debit card, Credit card or Net Banking channel. They also support NEFT for online cash transfer, cheques, demand draft or even cash collection from your home/office premises as the offline payment mode.
  • Complete Transparency and Negotiable Media Rates: Yes, Bookadsnow believes in maintaining transparency with their clients to avoid any confusion. After you tie up with Bookadsnow for releasing newspaper advertisement in TOI, they will provide you a hard copy of the newspaper to see the published ad. Plus, they also negotiate the media rates which can go as high as 80%.
  • Better Placement for your ads: Bookadsnow will make sure that you get the best spot in TOI newspaper. Their in-house expert team knows the tricks that will make sure that your ads are released as per the spot of your choice.
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