In the presence of a number of publishing platforms, newspaper advertisements still reign supreme, providing a number of significant benefits

  • Print has “gravitas”: Yes newspapers are serious and at times dull, but it eliminates fake news. All that you read has undergone a background check and thus printing newspaper ads will definitely catch eyeballs. Being a more trusted medium, the visual ads are taken for its credibility and prove to be more impactful. For what it’s worth it also generates twice as much conversion than any other form of marketing.

  • Wide Coverage:  Catering to a huge audience, the newspapers give advertisers the opportunity to display ads in different languages. The continuous circulation of newspapers adds on to the demand-supply of newspaper advertisement and conversions. Geographic Targeting is also possible, by sending out ads in regional prints, thus making the ads exposed to the right audience reducing unnecessary spill-over.

  • Flexibility: The size, location as well as the design of the ad can all be finalized as per the needs and requirements of the advertisers. The pricing mechanism can also be tailor-made. (Also all this requires expert planning and strategizing, which is best done under the guidance of experienced ad agencies like Bookadsnow)

  • Proactive Audience: Newsreaders are more focused and are thus more receptive to display ads in print, unlike the digital readers, who face the menace of multi-tasking and social media diversions. With a much shorter lead time as compared to the magazines, the newspaper dailies help send timelier messages to the audience through newspaper ads.

  • Impact and Engagement: According to various studies, Print ads have shown the highest level of media engagement. If the ad text and images are enticing enough, the brands can engage with its audience both emotionally and intellectually. Also, the readers are less agitated when they see ads in offline media rather on the online format, thus taking the impact of advertisements a notch higher.

  • Affordability: Whether a well -known company or a start-up, an obituary ad or recruitment call, newspaper advertisement cost can be custom built according to the type and placement of the ad, thus reducing competition factor from the pricing circuit. Additional discounts can also be enjoyed if newspaper ads are placed with dedicated media planning agencies, who provide competitive prices with the ease of booking ads.

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Hopefully, all your qualms regarding newspaper advertisements have been removed.